Sunday, March 26

Again and again I tell them, but still no one seems to understand that I am three credits behind, not an entire semester. I went into my third year as a junior with sixty credits, not as some sort of residual sophomore. Those missing three credits are from the philosophy course I dropped last semester because it wasn't going to help my GPA. I will likely be at RIC four and a half years not because I am behind, but because RIC administration is so inept. How many times do I have to explain to people that I took summer classes AND started out college a few credits ahead?

Today I typed at 83 WPM. I'm impressed. :)

a dear friend in trouble

Starlix Wind: how's that 12-step program going?
hobbitsubculture: you mean with the gnomes?
Starlix Wind: yeah
hobbitsubculture: all they do is sit around!
hobbitsubculture: they just sit on dan's table and they don't move...
Starlix Wind: wow
Starlix Wind: they're in denial, maybe?
hobbitsubculture: well, ian doesn't drink, but he's not helping either.

Oh, Jack, if only you knew you people worried. Won't you just admit you have a problem? Please take that first step, for all of us.

Thursday, March 23

straight off the starship Ronald Reagan

Angel on one shoulder, devil on the other. Or, colon-spirit on one shoulder, anticolon-spirit on the other.

Colon-spirit: I wanted to thank you for eating all those Grapenuts. I mean, three bowls, like whoa!
Me: Hey, no problem, anytime.
Anticolon-spirit: *poof* What do you listen to that square for? Look at him!
Me: Did you just call him a square? Who says that anymore?
Colon-spirit: I am not a square!
Anticolon: Ignore him. Say, here's a riddle: What lies in a ceramic dish, tastes comforting, and isn't Grape Nuts, which you've already had three bowls of?
Me: Uh...
Anticolon-spirit: It's homemade macaroni and cheese. Let's give it a go just for the hell of it.
Me: Okay. Uh...
Colon-spirit: Hey, uh, I zoned out a bit there... what's this? You've half finished a cup of macaroni and cheese? But you don't even like macaroni and cheese that much! You like Grapenuts.
Me: Uh....

Wednesday, March 22

I figure things might change if I whored myself for attention.

Bring out the fishnets!
Hoist the Jolly Roger!

A-soy, matey!

On the way up an echoing flight of stairs, I left Dan a pestering message on his phone, only to end up bothering him in the classroom itself, and finding out that he left my CD in the car. The whole thing wasted about fifteen minutes of time, and I am no longer in a productive mood.

Oddly enough, the productive mood was inspired by literary theory. Two major writing assignments due next week? Why not combine them? Two assignments, one subject, less the thinking. Yes, incorporate double consciousness into the cooking/ feminism essay for creative nonfiction, thus having two essays about double consciousness, one personal, one critical.

I hate people who use the word "postmodern."

Going back to being a veggie one step at a time. Dan and I were discussing how we improve each other's eating habits, and we eat better when we're together.

Tuesday, March 21

post 101

Just so the world knows...

I am officially a Bullshitter First Class. Unless the prof seriously screwed up something with Webct, my midterm exam grade is an A. This is a class Dan and I have skipped more times than we have been, a class which I ceased doing the reading for after week 2 or 3. Almost everything I wrote about in my exam were aspects of relgious philosophy which I learned about less than two hours prior by skimming weeks of material.

Oh, and the speed reading practice probably didn't hurt either.

Tuesday, March 14

a pint of madness

Adam Ant has been in movies. This, I knew. Now I know which movies.

Today we managed the TJ Maxx adventure without any door mishaps. I got what is quite possibly the world's niftiest makeup bag, along with:
*a baggy lime green tank top (trendy-style like whoa)
*a black shirt with fun hearts. Dan seems to like it a lot.
*an super ultra badass red tank top with a SKULL! Hoist the jolly roger!
*the purse gram needed
*a hat sparkly hat for gram. She's always going on about how she wants to be a "cool grandma."

Today the new dentist overdosed me on novocaine. Not in a Renton's-in-the-carpet sort of way, but in a way that left the right side of my face numb for three hours. Now the spot where my filling is hurts when I drink water.

What will the neighbors think? They'll think:
We don't, that's what they'll think.

I've been trying to sort through my bookmarks (no easy task), so I might use this blog, this weblog, for actually logging websites, writing a bit about them. This entry might have been written last night about a website, but I got caught up in an anti-metric fever when I looked through some sites.

Monday, March 13

the flight of the albert ross

Ziggy licked peanut butter off my belly, and I haven't washed it yet.

Thought I'd open up with a shocker. For those of my non-audience who don't know, Ziggy is Sara'a dog, I was somehow coerced into having him lick peanut butter off my belly, since Dan wouldn't allow it on himself. Earlier, Sara semi-assaulted me, but it was all in good fun. A nice visit, altogether. Sara is my only old friend who hasn't changed/ blown me off in recent months, so it was nice to see her (& her parents) again.

Earlier, Dan and I tried going to TJ Maxx, but when I got out of the car and went to shut it, it didn't latch. It just bounced off the frame of the car. So, we belted the door to the frame of the car through the back window, and drove to Print It Plus so Dan's dad could fix it. While I was in the shop letting Dan's parents know we were there with the car, the man at the Guatemalan bakery next door fixed it. Friendly guy. We'll have to check out his bakery sometime.

Sunday, March 12

this strike'll be bigger than jimmo!

Earlier tonight I went to my brothers' Boy Scout ham and bean supper where I was chastised by my grandmother for wearing a low-cut top, which was a symptom of times we live in and also an effect of the Oscar awards. I won a paper aeroplane kit which I didn't remember putting a ticket in for. Later on I spent 74 minutes watching a Western with the family. The ending was surprisingly unpredictable, although if I hadn't tuned out the silly little song at the beginning, I think it might have given me a clue as to the fate of the stupid prospector. Jimmo!

Yesterday at work Arthur, one of the managers, stormed into the dishroom and told all of us to gather 'round. He told myself and another girl to go home because there were too many people working, but then a minute later told us to go out and wash tables, without seeming to realize that he'd just told us to go home. This was a very characteristic thing for him to do; the other week he sent me upstairs to wash tables and explained to me that I must wash the tables with soap and water in a bucket, and I must push in the chairs as well, but not at the booths, since the booths don't have chairs. He didn't say that last bit with any trace of humor.

Thursday was disappointing because my group for the writing project was going to meet and get coffee instead of meeting in the classroom, but we didn't get coffee. What with the usual Thursday coffee, I had been expecting to be in coffee shops for six hours. Dan said I would be a beatnik, and I declared that there would be a yearly celebration of the six hours in coffee shops. Instead the group met in school for 30 minutes, and Dan and I ate at Newport Creamery, having a meal and a shake to give us the status of "fatties."

Earlier in the week I realized truly that I am actually going to die someday. The realization hit me so hard that it sort of put a damper on the rest of the week, and for the past few days it would pop into my thoughts every so often and ruin my mood. I think it's sort of receding to the occasional pop-up of "holy crap... I'll be old someday," but I get afraid that I might not be able to keep morbid thoughts out of my head... I want to enjoy my vacation. *sigh*

Tuesday, March 7

soda! shield the fatties!

Why do people have this view that you need money to eat a healthy diet? The produce aisle is the cheapest place in the supermarket.

From an article demonizing soda:
People who consume lots of fresh-squeezed juice, vegetables and fruits are fundamentally not the same as those who subsist on colas and bologna sandwiches, he contends.

"There is a difference: The first group is rich," Drewnowski said. He thinks government subsidies of fruits and vegetables would be better public policy than taxing a cheap source of calories.

A five pound bag of apples is about three dollars. How many bags of potato chips does it take to make even one pound? Maybe the blame lies with Stop and Shop. Sometimes they charge a bit high on veggies, possibly because people already seem to believe that veggies are more expensive, but they're still not that much.

I also think that article was a load of shit in the first place. Why are people spending so much time and money researching this? Soda is really, really bad for you, and people know this. No one needs to be told.

And why are people blaming marketing for this? It's the parents' fault. Kids do not make money, therefore they cannot buy things they see on television unless their parents give them money. Censor the airwaves, by gum, lest someone decide to actually parent their children!