Friday, March 9

memorial to squeaky

Ass shot of Squeaky
My nice little 2001 Chevy Prizm will totaled, and I have until noon tomorrow to clean the rest of my stuff out. The pic is from last year's New Hampshire trip when Dan and I visited Maria, went to Middle Earth Music Hall, and explored Hanover.

Highlights of my time with Squeaky
(yes, I know how lame that sounds)
August 2005- March 2007:
-Tony the Russian, who we bought the car from. It was like shopping with Boris Badenov
-Visiting the Alternate Universe Tim Guy
-Salem, third trip.
-Mine and Dan's third anniversary/ Valentine's Day in Newport at the Cheeky Monkey
-The New Hampshire trip
-Elroy-watching trips in Boxboro
-Salem, fourth trip
-Mall rats


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