Wednesday, January 31

la longue carabine like whoa

My throat hurts; the flue is broken so a bunch of smoke crept into the family room. Dan didn't want to pick up any ice cream or frozen yogurt or pudding or... anything cold and soothing from Lil Gen. He said, "Too tired," but I think he is mad at me for being mean to him. That's okay, I'm sick of being nice.

It's not often I get sick, but I can never shake a sore throat no matter how I come by it.

I'm taking only three classes this semester, but it's full-time homework, no doubt. Some pseudo-history Tolkien texts (Silmarillion, etc, very dense, though interesting), along with seven novels for my American novel class. Oh, and a sane amount of reading for the comm class. How do other people take five classes? My wpm is way above average, and I still have too much work.

The Last of the Mohicans has geography riddles.


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