Friday, November 10

on philosophy

It must suck to be my aesthetics prof. This week class got out before Dan and I even arrived because he had some contagious super-bronchitis. Last week we all got A's on our exams (including those of us who didn't do the exam) because his kid threw all of them into a fire. The week before that he canceled class for no reason Dan and I know of, although we expect it was a spy battle with Mo from Donovan because we're pretty sure Mo is a spy and we spotted the prof. walking with a cane earlier in the week. And before that he had a death in the family, and so canceled class.

Dan and I couldn't figure out who won the spy battle. We know the prof has X-treme Plato-rays that shoot out of his eyes, once he removes the glasses, but Mo works the grill line so has a lot of hot oil at his disposal.


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