Saturday, February 24

science fiction fondue

Cocoon- Ben (Wilford Brimley, of Quaker Oats fame) and his in-group of senior citizens stumble upon a nearby pool in which they start swimming/ trespassing on a regular basis. They quickly realize that the pool has granted them renewed vigor, in a Fountain of Youth fashion, but one day while swimming they are discovered by the owners, aliens from outer space who are trying to rescue some friends who were left on Earth and trapped in cocoons for 10,000 years.

A couple of hours ago, I sat down with Dad and Jeffrey to watch this movie on television, expecting a so-bad-it's-good style 80's flick, some cinematic trash which becomes treasure when ridiculed properly. Surprisingly, there was almost no cheese. Instead, there was a host of characters experiencing a variety of emotions related to the "Fountain of Youth," and some interesting themes like mortality, and universal emotions. Crazy.

To make up for it, I might just go watch Teenagers in Outer Space.


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