Tuesday, March 7

soda! shield the fatties!

Why do people have this view that you need money to eat a healthy diet? The produce aisle is the cheapest place in the supermarket.

From an article demonizing soda:
People who consume lots of fresh-squeezed juice, vegetables and fruits are fundamentally not the same as those who subsist on colas and bologna sandwiches, he contends.

"There is a difference: The first group is rich," Drewnowski said. He thinks government subsidies of fruits and vegetables would be better public policy than taxing a cheap source of calories.

A five pound bag of apples is about three dollars. How many bags of potato chips does it take to make even one pound? Maybe the blame lies with Stop and Shop. Sometimes they charge a bit high on veggies, possibly because people already seem to believe that veggies are more expensive, but they're still not that much.

I also think that article was a load of shit in the first place. Why are people spending so much time and money researching this? Soda is really, really bad for you, and people know this. No one needs to be told.

And why are people blaming marketing for this? It's the parents' fault. Kids do not make money, therefore they cannot buy things they see on television unless their parents give them money. Censor the airwaves, by gum, lest someone decide to actually parent their children!


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