Friday, February 17

law enforcement, skipping work, coffeecoffeecoffee

I'm feeling rather pixilated after the whole being pulled over and being issued an $85 speeding ticket, my first ever.

The Merriam Webster word of the day e-mails are the bijoux of my inbox, brightening my day as they expand my vocabulary.

So, apparently they can charge $85 for going five miles over the speed limit. Not that the cop pulled me over for going five miles over the limit; I was going twelve miles over the limit; he pulled me over, actually, for doing forty-two in a thirty zone, zipping down the hill in neutral to save gas, but only charged me with thirty-five. Thank you, Mr. Cop, for a one hundred dollar discount.

I've been thinking of all the things I could have bought with that $85:
*A Super Nintendo with a whole myriad (not from Word of the Day) of games.
*A new outfit, probably complete with blazer and shoes.
*Forty-two cups of iced coffee
*Twenty pounds of ground coffee
*The Lord of the Rings, leather-bound with gold on the edges
*Another trip to Newport and the Cheeky Monkey
*Three entire seasons of Gilmore Girls on DVD, minus shipping


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