Tuesday, January 31

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I am sitting in the Whipple computer lab next to Dan, and I'm not getting anything done. This may or may not be because I am sitting next to Dan. In my notebook, I've started to write a nice essay about my betta fish: Glorfindel, Eowyn, Lorelai, Valanice, and Feanor. It's really a nice, descriptive sort of essay, and I'm trying to figure out some way to construe my experiences with the fish as a learning experience. The essay I have to write for creative nonfiction has to be about learning something, but I think that the something is supposed to be a skill. Is taking care of incredibly low-maintenance fish a skill?

Dan is stupid; he gave me a kiss because I just typed, "Dan is looking at bear teeth. Only losers look at bear teeth."

Last night I bought twenty dollars worth of books at Barnes and Noble. Dan just leaned over to look at what I was typing because he thought it might be about him. Stoopid self-centered Dan. I now have a new set of The Lord of the Rings, a small book of selections from Ovid, and a freakin' huge book about Roman provinces. If I can get ahold of them, I'm thinking of buying two books in Esperanto: Bestofarmo and La Kunularo de la Ringo, known in English as Animal Farm and The Lord of the Rings. I don't think I have TOO many copies of The Lord of the Rings yet.


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