Sunday, January 29

the path of knowledge

I'm on stupidly easy Windows XP task number 17 out of 53. So far I've suffered the tutorials on how to use the mouse pointer, scroll by clicking the arrow, scroll by dragging the scroll bar, click, right click, double click, click the start menu, log off windows, log back into windows, switch users, turn off the computer, view a screen tip, open the control panel, select text, and insert a letter into *gasp* the very middle of a word. It's taken me 25 minutes to watch a video, practice, and then "apply" each of these stupidly easy Windows XP tasks. Sadly, I have to do them because the professor can tell if I don't.

At the rate this program goes, someone who isn't already familiar with all this stuff would probably take a few years to become An Ultra-super Window-opening, Right-clicking Wiz. Someday when I am old and someone asks if there is anything I regret, I will answer with an air of sadness that I regret the SAM 2003 Microsoft Office Training. I will lament the time spend needlessly right-clicking and scrolling, for my life could have had so much more meaning if only I had used the time to pick fuzzies off my robe or read my thesaurus cover to cover.


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Nice post :)

January 31, 2006 1:00 AM  

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