Tuesday, January 24

a noble undertaking

"Ponebam, ponebas, ponebat, ponebamus, ponebatis, ponebant." I sat on the couch conjugating in the imperfect tense the latin verb "to place." American Idol was on because Greg and I both hated the show, but had never actually seen it. Mom came in and instead of asking me why I had just spent nearly an hour watching a television show I didn't like, asked me why I was wasting my time learning Latin when the semester had just started and I surely had more important things to do.


She found the worth of Latin questionable, but said nothing about American Idol?

Why would you waste time learning a dead language? You have better things to do. Latin is useless. But not Why would you waste time watching a show you hate? Why would you watch a show with singers belting out songs you don't like, a show which likely has made it this far due only to the arse in the black tee and his snarky, repetitive observations?

When I learn Latin, I will have the power to invent new words. This is all the reason I need.