Wednesday, December 14

Awake, oh my

So here I am sitting at the Student Union Cafe before eight o'clock in the morning... This is a bizarre experience for me, what with mornings being such unfamiliar territory.

Morning is just like I remembered, so cold, bright, and tiresome. I can barely even imagine the other end of the day, I'm so far away from it. Outside, the sun is shining from the wrong direction. I would take a walk, see how the campus looks in the strange light, but that would involve freezing my face off.

Dan said he doesn't want my face to freeze off. He said it's cute, and he likes it, and to stop apologizing for being late. Oh, and he said my homemade White Chocolate Latte was awesome.

I've lost about six pounds or so in the past few weeks, so I don't feel too bad that I am now going to Donovan for a possibly artery-hazardous breakfast.