Monday, October 10

with enthusiasm for my recent authorship...

In definition form, the events of my brothers' birthday party. Greg turned 18, Jeff turned 13.

A Candroid is a robot which is made of joints, strong magnets, clips, and a can head for storing small objects. Such robots are sometimes found posed with a winning scratchcard in one clip and a wad of money in the other.

A muppet man of indeterminate nationality is a small inch-high figurine which does not belong in the Homie Dog Pound machine, but should be accepted into one's life gracefully, and without regret that it might have been Clown Pitty instead. Also known as Wo Fat Sanchez.

A headache is a sense of dizziness and confusion felt in the brain when one is transporting one's chatty aunt and grandmother in a subcompact car and is on the receiving end of both their conversations.

A Coffee Chocolate Cheesecake is a prize-winning dessert served with a strong coffee sauce. Sometimes used as a boyfriend-replacement.


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