Wednesday, October 5

"stars will fall down... luck will surrender"

Working at Donovan today was way more fun than it had any right to be. Barry ruined everything and along with the other Kristen, we created soap bubble children by combining the power of sanitizer with the suds of soap in the womb of Peter Pan Dandy.
I hope never to type such a sentence as the previous again, but shooting soap bubbles up at the ceiling is ridiculously funny, as is looking for shapes in soap bubble patterns on the sinktop.

At one point, I was talking to Kristen (note: she's an EN Kristin, though not evil for it) and we have both found that we've met more people working at Donovan than anywhere else at college. I'm on my third year at RIC now, and it's only this year I've really adopted something of a social life, albeit an oftentimes Donovan-centric social life. In the past few months or so, I've tripled my livejournal friends list.

It's only October, but I know this school year will be an awesome one. I knew it even before it started; there are signs every time I have a good year. This time, it might have been the master list of things I needed to do to improve my life. It might have been my prayer to help me follow the list. It might have been the few pounds I lost last year giving me an extra bit of confidence to add some scintillating bit of excitement that wasn't there before. It might have been Dan's love and encouragement. It might have been the car and the independence it has brought.

Folks (all two of you), I would say at this moment that life is good. Despite lost bets and binders, and the irritations of, literally, mice and men. I've never read that book.

This morning I was woken up by my Dad yelling to the rest of the family, "Be quiet! Whisper, or you'll wake up Kristin!"

I'm thinking of making this blog public, at least to those listed as friends on my livejournal. Having a secret blog has lost its novelty.


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