Monday, September 12

fun with msn

My Prizm has a prism, courtesy of Daniel.

The "Are you a Flirt" quiz from MSN says that I know how to flirt when I want to, and I know how to keep men attracted with my sexual energy. This seems like it could be useful for manipulation purposes, although I'm quite certain I've never consciously flirted with anyone.

MSN also had an article on cell phones for kids. Big companies are marketing cellies just for kids, even kids as young as six, with bright colors and educational games. Apparently some parents think it's a good idea to give a six year-old a cell phone, in case of emergency. Now, unless a kid has terrible parents, when is she/ he going to be in a situation where there is neither a land phone nor an adult with his/ her own cell phone?

Dear Dan,
You are the best person to ever exist. I had so much fun with you today on our 31st monthiversary, just being sappy, playing with your hair, and beating you at chess. I love that we know how to make each other laugh, like when I told you earlier about the anti-towel. You're the smartest person I know, even though you made stupid moves which allowed me to take your queen and your bishop one after the other. You're also handsome and wonderful, so wonderful that I wish I could buy you one of those bags that Mary Poppins has. You're the only person in the entire world who I would trust with such a bag. Really, think of the power. Power corrupts, you know. It's really a good thing there wasn't a sequel to Mary Poppins, because then we would have had to watch her in a downward spiral as she becomes corrupted and tries to steal entire countries and put them in that bag. Think of the horror when the entire country of Luxembourg is wiped out by that lamp she carries around! Think of her entire army of storm troopers, rushing out of that bag to decimate the good penguins of that weird cartoon segment in the first movie! Anyways, the point of this is that I love you more than anything, especially because I know exactly what you'll think of my Mary Poppins tangent.


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