Sunday, September 11


Today I went on a number of small errands. I was very happy to go out and buy paper towels, yogurt, and apples, then pick up my fishbowl at the Quiray's, and then get Half & Half at Lil Gen, because I was driving my very own car!

2001 Chevrolet Prizm, gold/ tan/ beige. A Toyota Corolla in all but upholstry. 3 speed automatic, tape player and radio with excellent audio controls, and high-pitched whining noise when the lights are left on.

I've put on a Mickey Mouse head Union Jack antenna ball, a RIC English Major window sticker, and a coconut scented dream catcher air freshener.

Last night I went outdoors, and for a second I thought someone was visiting. The family hasn't owned anything but station wagons for the last ten years, so seeing a small sedan in the driveway usually means that someone's over.


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