Wednesday, August 24

vehicle-induced headaches

Trying to buy a car is the worst.

Sometimes a car looks better before you actually see it, particularly when the ad is put out by a shifty used car salesman. The ad looked like it was put out by a private owner, but then it turned out that the car was being sold at Paglia Something-or-Other in Warwick. When I called, the man on the other end said the car has 130,000 miles, but when we got there it had 142,000. We asked about this 12,000 mile discrepancy and were answered with "I said 142,000 on the phone." Uh no, you didn't, but thanks for showing us that you're the stereotypical used car salesman, always ready to flex the truth a bit.

After all this headache, particularly getting lost in Cranston/ Warwick with Dan while trying to find a dealer (who closed before we got there, and before he said he would close), I'm really wishing that we had just bought the first car we looked at. Wonderful condition 1997 Toyota Corolla... sold now to someone else.

Dad's near constand mind-changing doesn't really help matters either:
"Look up Corollas, Civics, Proteges, and Sentras from $2000-$5000. 4 doors. "
"You can't really expect anti-lock brakes on this sort of car."
"Maybe we should just get something cheap and American."
"Also look up Fords and Saturns. And Chevys."
"If we just upped the price range a bit..."
"Maybe a Ford Focus is a good idea. You can get a newer one."
"You don't really want a Ford Focus, do you? They're no good!"
"Well, maybe a 2 door wouldn't bring up the insurance too much."
"Actually, I really think we should hold out for anti-lock brakes."

Tomorrow I'm going to look at a Nissan Sentra, and I'll also have to ask Anthony about his car, because I think it might be the same kind of Saturn that dad is now interested it. There's Saturn SC1 and SC2, and I have no idea what the difference is, but they're a little cheaper than most of the Japanese stuff we've been going for and dad was impressed by the fuel economy.


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