Wednesday, May 4

important things

Here's a list of the most important things in my life. I stole the idea from Dan.

1. Danny Q., that awesome tea-addicted thing I refer to on my buddy list as "Schmoopyness."

2. Stories: reading them, writing them, playing computer games with them, hearing them.

3. Those few non-Danny people who really matter.

4. Nature.

5. Creature comforts. I doubt anyone else would ever put them on such a list because it looks so much better to put noble things like Dan did. But seriously? I'd be miserable without my clean socks, my comfy bed.

6. Music, specifically New Wave. It's one of the few types of music I even like at all, but I'm obsessive. I may have been born in 1985, but I'm a new-waver at heart. My inspiration for losing weight is being able to wear the fun vintage clothes that go with the music I love.

7. Happiness. My own, and that of the people who matter. It's quite possibly the only thing that really matters in life.


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