Tuesday, February 22

this entry is written pansy-style

As in non-html. As in I click, and thus make text smaller, more colorful, differently aligned, etc...

I hate it when Dan refers to me as his "wench" in conversation. It's not as if I think it's degrading or anything, since we do it to each other as a joke, but I just wish he wouldn't do it around people who already know me as nothing more than "Dan's girlfriend." I have an identity of my own. Last night, we met MacKayla (sp?) in line at the cafe. She's some girl who's come to pagan group a few times, and sadly has only heard the Beatle's version of "Dear Prudence," and not the ultra awesome-er cover by Siouxsie and the Banshees. If I remember correctly, Bonnie wanted to beat her up recently... anyways I remembered her name, she did not remember mine, and I think we've met enough times that name-remembering would be expected. I blame Dan.

He was sad today, Dan was, but I forced him to go on a walk with me, knowing he'd feel better after. We both felt like shit earlier for missing bio lab AGAIN, and we had a depressing meal at Donovan in which we soaked napkins with tea and discussed the mindlessly liberal population of THAT table.

I just found out that I can get a public link to my stats on FitDay. So, here's the link. I'll put it on my link list later, so my non-readership can look at it and bug me about not exercising enough and whatnot. Speaking of link list, that marquee is too fast.

Pb & J is ultra fun.


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