Thursday, February 17

the printer tray... of LIFE... ple ble ple

The contents of my printer tray describe the state I've been in for the past few days. It's sad. I started writing a happy list for sometime in the future, probably when I have money.

~the picking out of a new haircut
~the missing all but two classes
~the reverting to old ways
~the wishing to read something fun
~the continued listening to "Twisted Tenderness"
~the writing of a happy list
~the writing of ideas for a new website
~the being hungry because I JUST woke up
~the resolution that I will stay up all night tonight, and all day tomorrow, and go to bed early tomorrow night.

Sure, that'll happen. Maybe I'll delude myself a little more and pretend I'll actually get something productive done. I don't have anything more to type about, but I really wish I did because I'm typing really well today and it's kinda cool.

I stayed up hours last night reading old deadjournal entries. I miss the deadjournal days, but they gave me fun ideas for the happy list and my new site. Perhaps I can transfer the old entries to blogger? Hmmm. Well, no more pointless stuff to type.


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