Thursday, January 13


A lack of sentences, the turning of events and thoughts into nouns preceded by definite article:

-the asking after of the enemy's report, which has been intercepted.
+the extreme purpleness of a new Siamese fighting fish, FĂ«anor.
+/-the missing of the first date with my boyfriend of 23 months due to dense fog, the likes of which have not been seen in all his 33 years of being a licensed driver
+/- the rereading of The Lord of the Rings in which I have reached Chapter XI: A Knife in the Dark, in which Fatty Bolger does not die as had been misremembered, but rather scampers away, probably leaving behind a puddle for the servants of Mordor to find.
+ the obsession with breeding programs in The Sims 2 and the ten-time reproduction of Zalon and Aria
- the having of dirty hair
- the time wasting
+ the time wasting
+ the proposed making of microwave creme caramel


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