Friday, February 18

the morning

After yesterday's "going to bed at five am and sleeping til three" fiasco, the logical thing to do was stay up all night and all day today to even things out. So, here I am, awake at eight am.

The technical start of my morning, at midnight, was kicked off by two straight episodes of "Cheers," which was followed by Little Nicky on TBS. Later on there was more "Cheers" and some "Full House," which made me really happy, even though it's a terrible show. I can watch "Full House," point out everything wrong with every episode, and yet I still enjoy it. Nostalgia will do that, I suppose. From here on, I shall not use the shift key, since i'm on dan's comp and the left shift sticks. i hope my typing isn't disturbing him; he's trying to sleep.

anyway, after watching too much tv while doing too little room-cleaning, i found that has an awesome printable calendar with the sun's rising and setting times, along with optional civil, nautical, or astronomical twilight. from this, i knew to be outdoors before six thirty seven am to watch the sunrise. i wrote a message outside thorp with my anti-dust chalk. we'll see if anyone notices it. "these pretzels are making me thirsty."

i walked to the edge of campus, and then found a wonderful spot in the "woods," near tree one, the spot of my valentine's day ritual, and the Path Beyond the Border. interesting observances were made.

nantucket nectars cranberry juice is a gateway juice; once one starts drinking that, one goes on to the hard cranberry juices.

i love dan. i wonder if he will read this. i wonder if he will read that. this is separate from that.

as ever, though in a somewhat better mood,
fuck this, i hate journal entries that end in a signature.


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