Monday, February 21


A - age you got your first kiss: age 5, from Ryan Fleming, the mischievous neighbor-boy.
- band listening to right now: the pogues. hurrah for ireland!
C - crush: current crush? the obvious answer is danny, but he's not really a crush. let's say it's tony danza. :-p
D - dad's name: Bill
E - easiest persons to talk to: Dan, Sara
F - favorite bands at the moment: clan of xymox, siouxsie and the banshees, depeche mode
G - Gummi bears or gummi worms: gummi bears, bouncin' here and there and everywhere
H - hometown: Burrillville
I - instruments: mallet percussion, keyboard
K - kids: well, there's sara... and ian the gnome... and as of a few weeks ago, becky.
L - longest car ride: P.E.I. -- we had to stay the night in New Brunswick on the way.
M - Mom's name: Melodee
N - nicknames: Kris, Thing, Kay Bee, and assorted screen names
P - phobia[s]: identical twins (although my psych major lover would say that it's technically not a phobia), heights
Q- favorite quotes: "If you don't know what hemisphere you live in, it's probably the Northern Hemisphere, between Canada and Mexico"
R - reason to smile: getting new stuff, reading a good book, doing a challenging logic puzzle, finding things "of" 1999
S - song you sang last: "Twisted Tenderness" by Electronic
T - time you woke up [today]: noon. i slept through three classes. :(
U - unknown fact about me: i am a very angry person. even dan probably doesn't realize this fully.
V - vegetable you hate: most vegetables are tasteless the way most people cook them... for cat's sake, learn to use a bit of cayenne, or soy sauce, or some other delicious substance which covers the flavour of vegetables.
W - worst habit(s): nail biting, my bad sleep schedule
X - x-rays you've had: teeth, and think i had a chest x-ray at one point, although i can't remember why
Y - yummy food: i'm a hobbit... many, many foods are yummy to me. chocolate donuts (doughnuts), however, are my weakness
Z - zodiac sign: taurus, and oh so stubborn


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