Friday, April 8

the galaxy of belgium

After watching Nick at Nite into the wee hours, I have come up with a new life goal. Now as you may know if your name is Erin, my life goals (not counting the really important ones) are as follows:

1. Discover the elusive poodle flavored lollipop.
2. Sit on the fuzzy carpeted sealing (did I just type that? I'm more tired than I thought. CEILING.) of the luxury bus.
3. And something about living in the forest with three friendly gnomes.

This morning of April 8, 2005, I add another goal:

Get Dan on the Tony Danza Show.

Yeah, I probably watched Nick at Nite for a good five hours. See what having cable does to me? I watch maybe an hour or two of television per week when I don't have access to Nick at Nite and TVLand.

Earlier, Dan and I met Anthony at Contempo Coffee (Bonnie had to go to CAP), which is cheaper, has better selection, and quite the ambiance when the "Owner Guy" flips the proper switches. I am making it my regular place. :)


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