Wednesday, July 27

a brutal behind the scenes look at yahoo mail

My main e-mail address is no longer, but I still check it once in awhile, just to keep it active in case I have any unknown accounts on that address. Sometimes, I find bizarre e-mails, like the ones in my Bulk folder from people with the following horrible spam names:

*Hake V. Recreated
*Theosophy C. Proportionally
*Iniquities V. Sherri
*Rosenquist Scheidegger
*Crinkled V. Indorsed
*Rivalries K. Compilation
*Grapple H. Disguising
*Camisole R. Kinswoman
*Winding F. Wedded
*Dibbled H. Gelding
*Colitis I. Axiomatic
*Praline I. Subjoin
*Categorization H. Ghastliness
*Reposeful V. Engulfs
*Deliquescent I. Cochlea
*Battleships G. Dullards
*Psyched O. Concessionaires
*Deification T. Gardener
*Subtracted V. Dexterously
*Texaco O. Attune

Even though I know they're just randomly generated, they still make me laugh. Of course there were also the very important e-mails from Sara Freder, one of those online gypsy horoscope salespeople, and the very important breakfast decision. I never realized the gravity of preferring one variety of Cheerios over another.

The Inbox wasn't actually much better. I deleted all but 5 e-mails, and combined with the bulk folder that's almost 2500 deleted mails. One of those five annoyed me a bit. Recently Dan posted this livejournal entry. I commented on AJ's comment, which was asinine as per usual, and he commented back something like "Learn to shut up" in response. I mentioned to Dan that he responded with another stupid comment, and Dan said that AJ was initially upset by my own comment. Feeling bad (but not too bad), I gave a friendly sort of response. A little later when I checked my inbox, I saw that he had initially posted another comment, "Die in a fire." This isn't visible in the entry comments, so I'm guessing Dan screened it. While I'm a bit annoyed by it, mostly I'm wondering... was he fucking serious? I mean, why would he comment that to me in the journal of my boyfriend of two years? I am supposing that Dan was RAGEFUL and defended my honor. :)

I'm going to go throw an unbirthday party for Categorization H. Ghastliness. Just me, the naked asian Cabbage Patch doll on the couch, and good ol' Categorization.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Two and a HALF years.

July 28, 2005 12:19 AM  

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