Tuesday, August 30

missing those halcyon days of crappy bathrooms and bad food

Everyone once in awhile I can get into a mindset where I view college as I did before I was actually in college, and I have this dream that maybe it will somehow turn into that great stage in life that the naive think it is. You know, being friends with your roommates, watching movies, eating popcorn, playing frisbee, and all sorts of stuff that doesn't really happen. There was always the chance, like if I'd had more interesting roommates, but there is no longer a chance of college being fun.

Yup, I'm a commuter now. Today's total time spent parking: 25 minutes.

In short:
-Waking up in the morning makes me woozy.
-Contemporary Ethical Theory involves meta-ethics, which I apparently know something about already, courtesy of Prof. Castiglione and Understanding Ethics for Dummies.
-A social security card is useless, but necessary to turn in employment papers on campus.
-When commuting to college, your car doubles as your locker.
-Cars and pedestrians both are a scourge of my existence as a commuter.
-"Drop out early so I can have your parking spot, loser."
-"Drop out early so you're not crossing the street in my way, loser."
-Drawing 101 involves buying many more varieties of pencils than I care to own.
-Working my first shift at Donovan didn't kill me toothoroughly.
-Stocking drinks brings feelings of nostalgia.
-Wintergreen rubbing alcohol is apparently a different substance than regular rubbing alcohol.

I would also like to send a big "shut the fuck up" to college girls who talk about going out with "boys." They're freakin' full grown; they're not walking around with Transformers and cooties anymore. Men, guys, dudes, fellows... but not boys. The word girl, for some reason, still works for quite a bit longer. Maybe because so many of the other words for girl are mostly used by men looking to score? An interesting thought, but not quite interesting enough for me to take Women in Society as a replacement for Drawing 101.


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