Sunday, September 18

magic animal vortex and the furs of mother russia

Right now I'm confused because Mike sent me cryptic, magical animals:

Mister McBrit: I'm downloading David the Gnome.
Mister McBrit: To watch.
Mister McBrit: :]
hobbitsubculture: i've never seen it, but i know Dan loved it
Mister McBrit: Rupert was my favourite.
Mister McBrit: How I loved that show.
hobbitsubculture: maybe i'll download it just so i'll have some idea of who this rupert is
Mister McBrit: Here: (Sorry, couldn't post the picture. But know that it features a white bear and a badger, both well-dressed, sitting on a rock with swirling stars around them. They look confused.)
hobbitsubculture: that looks familiar, whatever it is
Mister McBrit: Goodnight, Kris.
Mister McBrit: Tired.
Mister McBrit: :P
Mister McBrit is away at 1:24:10 AM.

Which one of these animals is Rupert? Are they both Rupert? Is Mike trying to threaten me with a seemingly innocent picture of a swirling, magical animal vortex which will swallow me whole and deposit me in the upper left-hand corner of nowhere? Should I be alarmed like those well-dressed creatures sitting on the rock? Or did he somehow know that it would make me happy to speculate the meaning of this picture?

I've been spending a lot of time on livejournal lately, mostly reading and commenting and doing the random question thing.

Mother Russia's premier music downloading website, has a retrospective album, Should God Forget, by the Psychedelic Furs. This is all I've been listening to for the past few days.


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