Wednesday, October 5

The potentially boring school update

The Binder was obviously a great idea for a scattered person such as myself, who uses her organizational skills mostly to alphabetize the tracks on mix cd's. I had not counted on losing the binder for about five days, thus causing myself to feel lost, homework-wise. The Binder was found under some papers in Dan's car.

My Adv Fiction Writing course is sucking most of my energy, though not with yellow yarn. My 10-15 page short story, which is one of the three to be discussed in class this week, killed any attempts at going to my other classes last week. I missed going to philosophy; I'm planning on concentrating my philosophy major on ethics, so Contemporary Ethical Theory is interesting to me. For her entertainment value, I even missed the FSDDLS (Fat, Stupid, D&D Light Spectrum) girl, who argues examples not points and was a total bitch to Mike in his livejournal. Social psych, for the two or so classes I've actually been, hasn't been that interesting, but I found out that Anthony (Donovan worker, not Druid, who already has a psych degree) is in my class.

Shoreline Production is going well. I'm in charge of the website, which doesn't exist yet, and I will also be in charge of Photoshopping the logo our Art Editor designs. Still, I'm hoping for that fiction editor position. With the website and the e-mail I set up, I'm pretty much doing the job, but I would like the title as well. Good resume material and all. I also have a lot of other web stuff to get done: changing this damn layout template to something of my own, adding to the RICPG site, working on a RICPG logo, working on an Ocean's Tide logo, and maybe starting the Ocean's Tide site? I'm not sure if Anthony was going to do that, but I can at least start it since he's even busier than I am.


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