Sunday, September 25

up too late

The "Homie Dog Pound" toy machine at the IGA was broken, but I still ended up with Aikido, the black dog with a black belt. He will join Wolfgang in a pile in my car. If I find a working machine in another supermarket, I will keep trying for Clown Pitty, the West Highland White Terrier with a sad clown face.

My first batch of veggie burgers ended up a lot like falafel-- crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside. This happened because I overcooked the brown rice and barley, which made the patty mixture too moist. At broiling temperature, only the outside cooked. I still had some mixture left, so I added oatmeal until it was the consistency of meatballs, and I ended up with a tasty sort of falafel-burger which went well with BBQ sauce and pepper jack cheese. Dad said something like, "You'll come back to us someday," as if I were a non-edible sheep straying from the flock.


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