Monday, September 19

Kristin Lee versus the Alternate Universe Tim Guy

Whatever happened to "the customer is always right" or, at the very least, confirming that the customer is wrong? This morning I drove by the Tim Horton's/ Shell Station on Killingly Street and the sign advertised Tanks (the extra large, served in a lovely styrofoam cup) for $1.09. Tanks are usually $1.90, so this was apparently an accident, but Tim Horton's is still obligated to sell the Tank for $1.09 as advertised.

Me: So, your Tanks are on sale, eh? (Note how I was trying to be nice. I could have come right out and said, "Someone fucked up your sign.")
Tim Guy: Uh, no, they're the usual price.
Me: Well, your sign out there says $1.09.
Tim Guy: What sign? (There was only one sign, and I pointed to it.)
Tim Guy: Oh. It doesn't say $1.09. It says $1.99. That's the usual price. (It wasn't.)
Me: I checked it twice.
Time Guy: The other 9 must have blown off.
Me: No. There are three digits. One. Point. Zero. Nine.
Tim Guy: I put up the sign this morning and it said $1.99.
Me: That's not what it says now. (As the guy obviously had poor comprehension skills, I gave in and bought Dan and I each a medium coffee instead.)
Me: Any idea what "Happy People W Antedam" means?"
Tim Guy: What?
Me: That's what the other side of the sign says.
Tim Guy: Well you see, the numbers blow off. (This, to him, was sufficient proof that he had won the Tank argument.)

I surrendered, and sat down to scratch a Crossword ticket with Dan. Mark my words, if that mistaken sign is still there tomorrow, I will be merciless, and I will have my ultra-cheap Tank.


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