Wednesday, September 21

herbivore like whoa

There are stages of denial. Are there stages of vegetarianism? I have now been a veggie for about 48 hours and so far I have went through:

1. Disgust at the realization that I've been eating dead bodies for 20 years. "Meat is Murder" by The Smiths is what triggered this. I've listened to the song a thousand times, but it nevery fully hit before.
2. Decision to stop eating dead bodies, but not dairy or eggs. That is, if I liked eggs.
3. Disbelief that I no longer eat meat. It was very surreal getting dinner at Donovan, because normally I would have gotten something with meat, but I only ordered rice and carrots.
4. Defense towards my decision which, completely as I expected, was met negatively by my parents.
5. Excitement at all the fun recipes I'll get to try out. I love cooking.

Various people*, upon being told about my decision, immediately questioned me and tried to convince me I had made a wrong decision, as if I hadn't thought this out. In fact, this was something I considered a few months ago, just to try out. So two nights ago, when I had my epiphany and spent a few hours trying not to throw up, the choice was obvious; my thinking had been done months ago, and there was no reason not to. It's not as if I was particularly enamoured of meat anyways.

Conveniently, I already have a huge pot of vegetarian chili in the fridge. I've been making my chili vegetarian for a long time now, just because my mixture of peppers, tomatoes, corn, and beans is more flavorful than meat.

There is a mouse living in my bedroom.

*My parents and non-barbershop Mike


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We have to go to the Garden Grill with my mom now! And maybe Anthony?

Your Danny

September 22, 2005 6:09 PM  
Anonymous Chirael said...

Disgust at the realization that I've been eating dead bodies for 20 years.

For me, one of the things was learning that when animals die, their urine and other bodily waste apparently floods their body (or something like that), causing a good part of the "meat taste" people like so much.

That kinda did it for me, along with the other pictures of how the animals are processed/killed (or sometimes not really killed, I'll spare you the details) by machines of course.

As to the other phases, it was so long ago I've pretty much forgotten.

Actually, I was a vegetarian through college, then for some reason relapsed back into eating meat, then (IIRC) sometime in the fall of 2001 (just before or after 9/11, I forget exactly) went back to vegetarian.

Much to Dorinne's dismay of course, since I was that way when she met me, and she never got to cook any of her meat dishes for me; I'm like you though, I view it as an opportunity to be creative.

September 28, 2005 10:34 AM  
Blogger Kris said...

I remember you telling Dan and I at coffee awhile back that part of the reason you're a veggie is because eating meat can obstruct astrological energies.

It looks like that worked well for you; Dan is still freaked out that you knew about the engagement.

September 30, 2005 2:19 AM  

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