Saturday, October 8

obsessive compulsive disorder

I'm sick of how cavalier people are with the term "obsessive compulsive." A person who is organized may be just that; organized. Also, being either obsessive or compulsive does not mean that someone has a serious illness. Dan tells me that with pretty much any psychological disorder, it isn't considered a disorder unless it impedes with the person's daily life. I don't know much about psychology, but I do know that obsessive compulsive disorder is a serious thing for many people. My dad was just talking about his Uncle Dick. Uncle Dick is someone who really suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder. I've only met him twice because he hasn't left his house for years. His disorder started out with the well-known handwashing issue, but now he is so afraid of germs that he can't leave the house, and when relatives tried to get him to take medication, he couldn't because he was actually terrified to do so. He will only eat foods that have been packaged a certain way. The two times I met him were at the funeral of my Nona, his mother, and the funeral of my Aunt Ida, his elder sister. Think of that. He's been in that house my entire life, possibly longer, and the only occasions he found the strength to emerge for were the funerals of people he loved.

It's amazing how many people think they have serious psychological disorders. Every time some stupid shit says, "Yeah, I'm obsessive compulsive," I want to bludgeon them with some psychology textbook.

Wow, that sounded like Dan.


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