Monday, October 24

"But," you say, "what could possibly be more important that college?"

Q. "What could be more important than homework? You're a fulltime student." -Dad

A. Only about five things or so that I can name right off the top of my head.

Health There's little point in bothering with anything else if you are unhealthy. To put it in a morbid sort of way, keeping your health is keeping yourself as far from death as possible, because there isn't much that matters if you're dead.

Happiness As I don't know My Divine Purpose, if such a thing exists, I might as well just enjoy life. In fact, for lack of a better purpose, I take happiness and enjoyment as my purpose. Of course, health is mandatory to this.

Dan We aid each other in our attainment of health and happiness, and will always do so. I love Dan very much, and he ranks right up with health and happiness.

Nature I'm a pagan for a reason. All of our nourishment comes from nature (see health), plus I can usually comfort myself just by going outdoors (see happiness). Fresh air heals everything, and inspires as well.

Friends and family This doesn't really need to be explained. Good times happen among good company, and there are always ties to the people you come from.

Money In today's world, money is needed to attain health and happiness, at least for those of us who don't wish to live off the land. Money can't buy happiness? Try waxing philosophical when you have not a single pair of clean socks. College is only a vehicle for making more money.

Learning This is done every day, in every situation, and can be done as easily at a library as at a thousands-of-dollars-per-year institution. It goes beyond school, and sometimes is only barely achieved at school.

College comes after all these things (and maybe more which I have not thought of), especially since all these are permanent, necessary things, while college is only a phase in my life. So, it goes against my wishes that I will be driving in to school this morning on zero sleep. This will make me unhappy, and will certainly be a strain on my health, but I do it for money (I have work later) and learning (if such a thing happens at school).

Poor trade-off, but what the hell else am I supposed to do?


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