Thursday, May 26

fill-oot turned weird. and FUN.

This is fill-oot was stolen from Sara's Livejournal and has been edited from the original instruction of "Name 20 of your friends," because I do not have 20 friends.

Name 5 family members, the last 5 people you encountered, 5 fictional characters, and 5 famous/ historical (or the weatherman :)) people:
1. Jeff
2. Greg
3. Feanor
4. Gram
5. Janis
6. Dan
7. Prof. Castiglione
8. the guy who sat next to me in ethics
9. Dorinne
10. the honey dew lady
11. King Graham of Daventry
12. Garfield the cat
13. Danny Tanner (Fullhouse)
14. Anakin Skywalker
15. Mr. Peabody
16. Ian McCulloch
17. Kevin Lemanowicz
18. Shelley Long
19. Siouxsie
20. Plato

Who is #8 going out with? No idea, but an image of a small blond springs to mind.
Is #9 a boy or a girl? A girl.
Would #11 and #2 make a cute couple? Not at all. Greg isn't macho enough for Graham, and it would be bad for Daventry politics.
How about #18 and #4? Gram and Shelley Long... could work if Gram were thirty years younger and was involved in a feminist movement bizarre enough to sway her tight values.
What grade is #17 in? He graduated college long ago and became the weatherman.
When was the last time you talked to #12? I can't say that I've ever talked to Garfield. Maybe at him... like 13 years ago.
What is #6's favorite band? AFI
Does #1 have any siblings? Myself and #20
Would you ever date #3? That might be too much like that movie where Bill Murray walks around with a gold fish in a bag. Feanor is a Siamese fighting fish, after all.
Would you ever date #7? Sure, those small Italian guys with a preoccupation with peeing really turn me on... so NO.
Is #16 single? I have no idea
What's #15's last name? Peabody, and I don't think he has a first name.
What's #10's middle name? I don't know her personally. Lynn? Maria? Honeydew?
What's #5's favorite thing to do? She sings.
Is #13 hot? HAHAHAHA. So sayeth the weirdest poem I've ever read.
Would #14 and #19 make a good couple? They'd always argue about what REALLY makes a dark person.
What school does #20 go to? He founded the Academy.
Tell me a random fact about #11? He can swim if you press =.
And #3? He's a lot more depressed than most extremely purple fish.
Have you ever had a crush on #15? Oh, who hasn't had a crush on Mr. Peabody. How could one not get turned on at all the Sherman-slavery? "Sherman, the way-back!" "Yes, Mr. Peabody." :-P hehe
Where does #9 live? With Anthony, wherever that is.
What's #4's favorite color? Blue, I think.
Would you make out with #14? But of course! Dan would understand that I couldn't pass up a once in a lifetimem experience.
Are #5 & #6 best friends? They are amiable towards one another.
Does #7 like #20? Wow, what a match! I should hope that the philosophy professor likes Plato.
Does #8 like #19? I doubt it.
How did you meet #2? We have the same mother. And father. Oh, and we've lived together for near 18 years.
How did you meet #18? I've really only ever seen her on "Cheers."
Does #10 have any pets? Maybe yes, maybe no. All I can say is that the Honeydew Bear is scarce on the products these days.
Is #12 older than you? By about ten years, I think.
Have oral relations with #3? Actually, yes. I do talk to my fish.
Is #17 the sexiest person alive? If meteorology were sex appeal... but no, that's impossible. :)
Does #2 have any cute siblings? Just me. har har.
What about #16? I'm not even sure what he looks like. The pictues are always vague, in the post-punky sort of way.

Saturday, May 7

The Wonderfully Wild and Wacky Wonka-rrific Adventures of A Lying Blogger Who Has No Such Wonderfully Wild and Wacky Wonkarrific Adventures

I've gotten spam from people/ bots with some rather strange fake names. At least, I hope they're fake. Today, I got an e-mail with a fake name that beats even the laughable monikers of Bungay Griffon and Florine Slaughter.
Tangs S. Camelopedia
Tangs S. Camelopedia

I'm sure the Camelopedia family is very proud of their Tangs and Tangs' wonderful career as an evil spam-sender.

Speaking of careers of evil spam-sending... actually, tomorrow I have an interview of sorts at Contempo coffee. I'm extremely nervous. There is some deficiency, some intangible trait I do not possess, which prevents me from having a job for longer than six months. For the sake of Jeffrey, for the sake of showing them I can do it, and for the sake of having money, I have to try. As far as jobs go, I think this could be a good one, and I think I made a good impression on the owner-guy (whom I must start referring to by his actual name if I am to work for him), but I have little confidence in this matter. Dan is probably right, and I have no reason to be nervous or lacking in confidence. My other two jobs had unlucky endings. It was partly me, yes, but partly circumstance as well. No reason I can't run a cash register, clean stuff, and know how to make buttloads of coffee drinks, right?

In other news, I need to sleep at some point so I can be chipper and, um, coherent for tomorrow. Not to mention capable to driving. Sure, the chances of sleep actually happening are slim, but I have to log off now and drink some warm milk, do something relaxing, count sheep, whatever.

Counting sheep never has worked for me. I always imagine them polka dotted, or wearing silly clothes, or being made entirely of peanut butter, and I get too giggly too sleep.

Ciao, Adieu, and many foreign closings I don't know the words for,
Kris- "I hate journal entries which close like letters." -tin

Wednesday, May 4

important things

Here's a list of the most important things in my life. I stole the idea from Dan.

1. Danny Q., that awesome tea-addicted thing I refer to on my buddy list as "Schmoopyness."

2. Stories: reading them, writing them, playing computer games with them, hearing them.

3. Those few non-Danny people who really matter.

4. Nature.

5. Creature comforts. I doubt anyone else would ever put them on such a list because it looks so much better to put noble things like Dan did. But seriously? I'd be miserable without my clean socks, my comfy bed.

6. Music, specifically New Wave. It's one of the few types of music I even like at all, but I'm obsessive. I may have been born in 1985, but I'm a new-waver at heart. My inspiration for losing weight is being able to wear the fun vintage clothes that go with the music I love.

7. Happiness. My own, and that of the people who matter. It's quite possibly the only thing that really matters in life.