Saturday, January 31


*Quincy Market
*Picture taking
*Naked fish
*weird starbucks comedian
*CHIA pets
*most recently, the weirdest thing i have ever read in my entire life

-Dan and I went on the Quincy market trip with lindsay. There was much food and purchasing of... objects.
-I got a Cheers shirt and a nifty moon-sun mirror with healthy, good feng sui, slightly pointed sun rays.
-Glorfindel is now sitting next to a kinky sex statue.

I am at Dan's house now and I'll be home for the superbowl because i know it will be too loud at school. Tomorrow is Dan's Imbolg/ Groundhog Day celebration with spicy food that may just rip me a brand new asshole. I think Dan is making me a sandwich now.

Starbucks employee: Is that a rainbow? (points to my hat)
Me: (thinks the starbucks employee must be foreign, despite his lack of accent) Yes.
Starbucks: Rainbow:
Me: Yeah
Starbucks: Are you a photographer or journalist? (points to my camera)
Me: No, I just like to take pictures.
(a few minutes pass)
Starbucks: I'm sorry if I offended you. I'm a comedian.
Me: Oh no, you didn't offend me.
Starbucks: Well I'm sorry if I did.
Me: (chuckles urbanely) It's alright, i wasn't offended.

the trying out of extreme niftiness in Brookstones...
the starting of chia pets...
the taking of pictures next to cigar statues...

the return of kristin...
the return of the subculture...
the perpetuality of winter...

I am eating my 8-grams-of-fiber-pitawich with alcoholic ingredients that will make me unable to drive!

Monday, January 26


For health reasons, I have decided to fast for a few days, starting tomorrow after breakfast. Dan is going to do it with me. I think i'll stop fasting Wednesday at lunch. I just hope I'll be in decent condition for my job interview. Updates later on how this is going.

Sunday, January 25

the marcy and tom theory

So it was thought, until this day, that Disney owned the world. This is not so! Marcey Carsey and Tom Werner own the world. Ever notice how, at the end of a sitcom, the two names you are most likely to see are Marcy and Tom? They've produced almost every notable sitcom from the eighties to the present day; Roseanne, 3rd Rock from the Sun, and The Cosby Show to name a few. It's absolutely a miracle that they had nothing to do with Seinfeld. On the surface, it would seem that Disney owns the world. It makes sense. Disney has theme parks, movies, ABC, and merchandise up the wazoo. Marcy and Tom, however, are the ones running things from the background. Upon further research I found out that Marcy Carsey hosted the wedding of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston while Tom Werner formerly owned the San Diego Padres and currently co-owns half of the Boston Red Sox.

Once they find out from their numerous spy networks that I know, I hope they don't have me exterminated. I have a promising career as a writer in my future and this could prove beneficial to them. Marcy Carsey and Tom Werner, I just want you to know that I'm glad it's you and not Disney.

Saturday, January 24

the first friday

I didn't get to bed until 4:00 last night, but i'm not even tired now. Sorry to say, but my old ways are fighting to come back. nocturnal= bad. I spent some of the day with Dan and some of the day working on my website. Now i'm watching Nick at Nite. They changed the schedule.

Thursday, January 22

ch-ch-ch changes

So I'm through my first week of the spring semester and finding myself wishing to be back in next semester. I'm not sure why this is. After all, I'm taking three English classes, I should be happy. It's just been a strange week. I'm trying to watch what I eat and exercise but I haven't been doing as well with that as I would like. In a disastrous example of what can happen when one is not good enough at making excuses for Alex not to come up to one's dorm room, Alex came up to my dorm room with Dan and I on Wednesday and wreaked havoc, starting with my poor betta fish. He pulled up the bamboo in Glorfindel's bowl, thinking it was fake. I had to put Glorfindel in a tupperware while I rearranged the aquarium gravel and replanted the bamboo. In another Alex incident, I ran into him at dinner tonight and he told me about how he listened to "wicked old men" talk about sex and wants to observes girls showering my my suite.

Classes seem alright. I want to put the bulk of my notes on my PDA this semester but I am reluctant to bring out the PDA initially since people always ask questions about it. I used it in film today but the keyboard made clacking noises because I'm out of practice and can't type on it silently anymore.