Saturday, January 31


*Quincy Market
*Picture taking
*Naked fish
*weird starbucks comedian
*CHIA pets
*most recently, the weirdest thing i have ever read in my entire life

-Dan and I went on the Quincy market trip with lindsay. There was much food and purchasing of... objects.
-I got a Cheers shirt and a nifty moon-sun mirror with healthy, good feng sui, slightly pointed sun rays.
-Glorfindel is now sitting next to a kinky sex statue.

I am at Dan's house now and I'll be home for the superbowl because i know it will be too loud at school. Tomorrow is Dan's Imbolg/ Groundhog Day celebration with spicy food that may just rip me a brand new asshole. I think Dan is making me a sandwich now.

Starbucks employee: Is that a rainbow? (points to my hat)
Me: (thinks the starbucks employee must be foreign, despite his lack of accent) Yes.
Starbucks: Rainbow:
Me: Yeah
Starbucks: Are you a photographer or journalist? (points to my camera)
Me: No, I just like to take pictures.
(a few minutes pass)
Starbucks: I'm sorry if I offended you. I'm a comedian.
Me: Oh no, you didn't offend me.
Starbucks: Well I'm sorry if I did.
Me: (chuckles urbanely) It's alright, i wasn't offended.

the trying out of extreme niftiness in Brookstones...
the starting of chia pets...
the taking of pictures next to cigar statues...

the return of kristin...
the return of the subculture...
the perpetuality of winter...

I am eating my 8-grams-of-fiber-pitawich with alcoholic ingredients that will make me unable to drive!