Thursday, January 22

ch-ch-ch changes

So I'm through my first week of the spring semester and finding myself wishing to be back in next semester. I'm not sure why this is. After all, I'm taking three English classes, I should be happy. It's just been a strange week. I'm trying to watch what I eat and exercise but I haven't been doing as well with that as I would like. In a disastrous example of what can happen when one is not good enough at making excuses for Alex not to come up to one's dorm room, Alex came up to my dorm room with Dan and I on Wednesday and wreaked havoc, starting with my poor betta fish. He pulled up the bamboo in Glorfindel's bowl, thinking it was fake. I had to put Glorfindel in a tupperware while I rearranged the aquarium gravel and replanted the bamboo. In another Alex incident, I ran into him at dinner tonight and he told me about how he listened to "wicked old men" talk about sex and wants to observes girls showering my my suite.

Classes seem alright. I want to put the bulk of my notes on my PDA this semester but I am reluctant to bring out the PDA initially since people always ask questions about it. I used it in film today but the keyboard made clacking noises because I'm out of practice and can't type on it silently anymore.