Tuesday, August 24

another worthless bit of text

For the next sentence, let us pretend that enormous generalizations are completely valid and that I am not still a teenager. I hate those damn trendy teenagers!

School starts again next week, and I am NOT looking forward to it. I know I'll get stuck with more crappy people. Don't know how I know... but I do.

Journal entries aren't even worth it. Bleh. Can't even think with all this traffic.


Thursday, August 5

something else to stick a tongue out at....


ARGGGGGGGGGGHHHH! I wrote a long-ish entry about the recurring dream I had last night and then accidentally pressed the back button.

I hate you. *sticks out tongue*

Brief overview:
- The house in the dream smelled of damp wood, even in dry weather.
-I narrowly escaped going through someone else's musty yet fascinating house.
-There was an ambience of age... everything was decades old.

It's past my bedtime. How did I end up awake at this time of night? No! I'm supposed to be reforming.