Wednesday, January 31

la longue carabine like whoa

My throat hurts; the flue is broken so a bunch of smoke crept into the family room. Dan didn't want to pick up any ice cream or frozen yogurt or pudding or... anything cold and soothing from Lil Gen. He said, "Too tired," but I think he is mad at me for being mean to him. That's okay, I'm sick of being nice.

It's not often I get sick, but I can never shake a sore throat no matter how I come by it.

I'm taking only three classes this semester, but it's full-time homework, no doubt. Some pseudo-history Tolkien texts (Silmarillion, etc, very dense, though interesting), along with seven novels for my American novel class. Oh, and a sane amount of reading for the comm class. How do other people take five classes? My wpm is way above average, and I still have too much work.

The Last of the Mohicans has geography riddles.

Wednesday, January 17

"I would say that I use lightbulbs far more often than I use Ronald Reagan."

"I got my Horned God at Home Depot."
"I got mine at the local place."
"The Joneses don't have a Horned God."
"My Horned God is bigger than your Horned God."
"My Horned God can make ak gourmet chicken salad in 1, 2, 3..."

Monday, January 15

eight hits to defeat Dr. Robotnik

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

There wasn't any proper celebration, but what does one do to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day? Even the internet doesn't have an answer, although a number of college campuses hosted speakers. Dan thought of having a barbecue, which would have worked fine since it's not really winter this January and he doesn't have room for a symposium at his house.

Ideas for next year, or a belated celebration tomorrow:
-black and white cookies
-short of clip of the "I have a dream" speech, unless everyone has seen it enough times that they're bored stiff of it
-listening to two tone, i. e. The Specials with all their checkerboards and racial unity
-listening to other music which shares ideas and themes between cultures, i. e. the British band Adam and Ants, featuring guitarist Marco Pirroni who consciously imitates the guitar of Ennio Morricone, an Italian who composed music for movies set in the Old West
-wait, isn't a potluck better than a barbecue? A potluck where people bring ethnic dishes from their own cultural background, or others. Or just food, because everything comes from somewhere.
-ceremonial doing of logic puzzles and Rubiks cubes
-spoons (a card game), accompanied by some drivel I will invent about the colors on the playing cards, and the shapes, and celebrating differences...

...this is soon to become silly, and I didn't actually mean it to be, so I'll stop there. A few good ideas, ok.