Tuesday, March 14

a pint of madness

Adam Ant has been in movies. This, I knew. Now I know which movies.

Today we managed the TJ Maxx adventure without any door mishaps. I got what is quite possibly the world's niftiest makeup bag, along with:
*a baggy lime green tank top (trendy-style like whoa)
*a black shirt with fun hearts. Dan seems to like it a lot.
*an super ultra badass red tank top with a SKULL! Hoist the jolly roger!
*the purse gram needed
*a hat sparkly hat for gram. She's always going on about how she wants to be a "cool grandma."

Today the new dentist overdosed me on novocaine. Not in a Renton's-in-the-carpet sort of way, but in a way that left the right side of my face numb for three hours. Now the spot where my filling is hurts when I drink water.

What will the neighbors think? They'll think:
We don't, that's what they'll think.

I've been trying to sort through my bookmarks (no easy task), so I might use this blog, this weblog, for actually logging websites, writing a bit about them. This entry might have been written last night about a website, but I got caught up in an anti-metric fever when I looked through some sites.


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