Monday, March 13

the flight of the albert ross

Ziggy licked peanut butter off my belly, and I haven't washed it yet.

Thought I'd open up with a shocker. For those of my non-audience who don't know, Ziggy is Sara'a dog, I was somehow coerced into having him lick peanut butter off my belly, since Dan wouldn't allow it on himself. Earlier, Sara semi-assaulted me, but it was all in good fun. A nice visit, altogether. Sara is my only old friend who hasn't changed/ blown me off in recent months, so it was nice to see her (& her parents) again.

Earlier, Dan and I tried going to TJ Maxx, but when I got out of the car and went to shut it, it didn't latch. It just bounced off the frame of the car. So, we belted the door to the frame of the car through the back window, and drove to Print It Plus so Dan's dad could fix it. While I was in the shop letting Dan's parents know we were there with the car, the man at the Guatemalan bakery next door fixed it. Friendly guy. We'll have to check out his bakery sometime.


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