Wednesday, March 22

A-soy, matey!

On the way up an echoing flight of stairs, I left Dan a pestering message on his phone, only to end up bothering him in the classroom itself, and finding out that he left my CD in the car. The whole thing wasted about fifteen minutes of time, and I am no longer in a productive mood.

Oddly enough, the productive mood was inspired by literary theory. Two major writing assignments due next week? Why not combine them? Two assignments, one subject, less the thinking. Yes, incorporate double consciousness into the cooking/ feminism essay for creative nonfiction, thus having two essays about double consciousness, one personal, one critical.

I hate people who use the word "postmodern."

Going back to being a veggie one step at a time. Dan and I were discussing how we improve each other's eating habits, and we eat better when we're together.


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