Monday, April 10

"writing" an essay

Dear Jacques Derrida,

Just now I was singing a song about you. It went to the tune of "Joy to the World," and it was all about how much I hate to read anything you've written, or even worse, to think about anything you've written. Supposedly you introduced binary along with logocentrism in "Of Grammatology," but I'm not finding the quote I need. You did this on purpose, you metric-using fiend! Surely the differance pun was much more clever and interesting in your native French? You look like Harpo Marx, but you are postmodern, which I hate to say. It is a shame you died last spring semester, the last time I took this horrid course. If I had known sooner you hadn't died ages ago, I would have sought you out and given you a severe poke on the shoulder.

Thanks to you, this is the most typing I've done all evening. Morning.

Wishing that all your writings would fall on top of a vast mountain of burning muffin stumps,
Kristin Lee


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