Saturday, July 22

dissed like a veggie

"Hey, Jeff, want to try one of the black bean burgers I just made?" I asked.


"They're full of stuff you like."

And then he went off on his rant about how a burger must have meat, a black bean burger is a substitute for meaty hamburgers and therefore evil, vegetarians eat substitutes for meat and are therefore evil, and you can't get full on veggie food. Actually, it was a substitute for a hot dog, since that's what the rest of the family was having. I bit my tongue so I wouldn't mention that maybe full isn't such a good thing (he's overweight).

Earlier my grandmother told me that you can't get enough protein if you don't eat meat. All over, people who have done far less research than I have are telling me why vegetarianism is unhealthy, why it is bad, and why no one should ever be a vegetarian.

Funny that I'm not actually a vegetarian.


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