Monday, May 8

the non-piercing commemoration of my birthday

If I had found my camera this morning, here's what I would have taken pictures of on my 21st birthday:

*The beautiful flowers and spring leaves I see every year, because I was born on an awesome day. Dan said they're all there just for my birthday.
*My presents, before unwrapping. From Dan, Gilmore Girls, Season 3. From Dan's mom/ family, a beading kit for making ancient civilization-type objects and a sappy but nice card.
*Dan trudging off to his exam
*The empty Palmieri's parking lot. Disappointment! Closed on Mondays!
*Waiting for in front of Gaige for Dan to get out of his exam
*Alkaline Trio guy. Just because he intrigues me, and I people-watched him while I was waiting
*Dan and I finally having our picnick of Subway sandwiches on the lawn. Stupid tuna fish.
*Me dancing on the nice little hills of grass, weaing my cute (as Dan called it) birthday outfit, which was striped and fun, though not pirate-y.
*The lilacs
*The Cumberland farms, and my winning scratchcard, which a random man chipped in $1 for when he hear me say it was my birthday. I won $10!
*Stupid Job Lot t-shirts, such as: a fat alligator golfer, Aaron Carter, the Osbournes, and the ones I bought, "Bus Demolition Derby '89" and "Double Dragon," which was also a television show from when I was a kid. A really lame television show.
*Dan with his strap-on weights, looking like a kid who put his pads on the wrong spots before roller blading
*The formerly dark and long hallway in lincoln mall.
*The quickie squirt gun fight outside the mall bathrooms
*The loverly fountain and my poor coin-flipping technique
*Dan waving a lollipop in front of my face while my ears were being pierced.
*My ears being pierced, Dan's second present to me.
*My ride on the kiddie jeep in the mall. Oh, we were just yards from that Radio Shack. Woe, the bolts.
*Squirt gun fight: the front-yard, Jeffrey-included sequel
*Cake, ice cream, and the opening of my only presents, two bags of Honey Dew Cinnamon Hazelnut coffee.

After all those pictures I would have taken, we watched 24, and then Dan took my car home because his car squirted boiling coolant (disfunctionally ironic?) all over the driveway. Now I have to finish my Powerpoint presentation, which makes me sad, because I wanted to go to bed while it is still my birthday. My birthday that Dan made into a great day.


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