Sunday, May 7

twenty-one on the horizon

My family threw me a small birthday celebration today. After a 45 minute wait that was supposed to be 15, we had Chinese food. During the wait, I wandered out to the back of the plaza and looked up at the flower trees that used to be visible through the coffee shop window. That brought back memories. Then I walked over the the edge of the pond. I think the last time I was there was the day Dan and I spent five hours in or around the coffee shop. So many memories there.

I miss being a kid and having time slow down during the days and hours before my birthday party. I miss having those birthday parties. But, it's not so bad to just have some good food and desert, and sit with family for awhile. My grandma gave me a check and a book, but from my family I got a wrinkled envelope that had been in my mom's pocket. In it was a piece of graph paper with a floor plan of my room. One of the things I asked for was incentive to clean my room, because I've been saying for two years that would like to clean it. I might have liked the idea better in theory. On the floor plan were marked areas, with point values assigned. I get my real presents after I clean a marked area with a point value in it.

I'm in a sappy mood right now, warm and sort of nice, thinking of sentimental things. Today I had a few nice, sweet moments. Little moments that I probably won't ever tell anyone about, but just treasure whenever I think of them. My 21st birthday is perhaps more special than I thought. It's been a good day.

Now, will Dan plan anything fun for my night in Boston? Eh... he's never been that great with making plans. Maybe I shouldn't expect much.


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