Thursday, June 29


I worked out the first outline of my creation story novella almost six years ago. Only now have I realized there's an essential flaw in it. Observe:

Adam and Eve are not supposed to eat the fruit. They eat the fruit. Bad things happen to humanity.

Greek mythology:
Pandora is too curious for her own good and can't help but look into the box. Bad things happen to humanity.

The Book of Felmar:
The first people are told they must never look into the microwave while it is on. They do anyways. Bad things happen to Ursula, who is not part of humanity, after the creator sits down with the first people and gets to the bottom of things, completely ignoring what they did.

To fix the problem, this is now the part of the story when "Shit happens" bumper stickers are created. After all, it's a parody. Must see what Dan thinks.


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